Stargate SG-1 Must Watch Episodes




  1. Black Hole –
  2. Season 1×19 – Alternate reality (Quantum Mirror) – Daniel went into an alternate reality.
  3. Season 2×21 – Time Travel – Back to 1969 due to solar flare. Got sent to the past, then return to the future finally making it back to the current.
  4. Season 3×06 – Parallel Universe – Interesting concept. and the existance of two parallel entity creates instability.
  5. Season 3×05 – Learning Curve – Helping people when in different custom. Learning is fun, get to explore everything on our own. collective victory by sacrificing personal interest?
  6. Season 4×02 – The Other Side (Moral Issue – helping out a war.) Learning from Dr. Jackson, “I understand” Different concern over a simple matter. Moral ground against what we gain.
  7. Season 4×03 – Upgrade With great power comes great responsibility
  8. Season 4×06 – Window of Opportunity – time loop (O’Neill kissed Carter)
  9. Episode 4×12 -Tangent Inventions come to being!! (the starting)
  10. Episode 4×16 – 2010 Time-travel! I just love it!
  11. Episode 4×17 – Absolute Power Dream teaches. The true nature of man is determined by the constant battle between the conscious and the sub-conscious mind. when the evil sub-conscious mind is too strong to resist, the only way to win is to deny a battle. The evil power of Gou’ld is too evil to use, even to use it against them. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  12. Episode 4×19 – Prodigy Glimpse of the future of a young brilliant mind. Making decisions, risking my own life or the big group’s life.
  13. Episode 4×20 – Entity Back Up memory…. pensieve remember?
  14. 5×05 Red Sky Conflict between Faith & Science Is religion really something that is created by mankind to exist ? Develop culturally to think for ourselves?
  15. 5×14 48hours Intensive Scientific arguments regarding the worm hole and event horizon.
  16. 6×12 Unnatural Selection Tiel’c’s small act at 11:40… hilarious! Ben & Jerry’s sia~ oh ya. must mention that this episode has time bubble and time dilation. Used the humanity against him.
  17. 6×21 Prophecy about predicting the future and fulfilling a 1000 years old prophecy. Mention hesseingnberg Uncertainty principle, every sub-atomic particle can’t be determined, if more control is exerted, more random.
  18. 7×03 Fragile Balance O’neill wake up 30years younger. TIME. are you conducting some scientific experiment o’neill? o’neill clone
  19. 7×08 Space Race techcon funeral services….. —.—“” where have you been hiding?radon shield 55… protect from radiation from the sun…’s good not to subscribe to the company’s policies.
  20. 7×09 I’m inspire by confidence
  21. 7×12 Stargate – starwars? women candy bars…. dropping?
  22. 7×15 Chimera Sam humming…. stargate intro song.
  23. 8×06 Avatar simultaneous 3D generation – 3D game…. armor 100% P90 Equipped.
  24. 8×13 It’s good to be king Maybourne become king – Ancient Time Travel Ship… travel forward into the future!
  25. 8×15 Citizen Joe Joe who use the stone and see everything SG-1 from first episode till the 8×15. Jack seen barber’s life for 7 years.
  26. 8×17 Reckoning Prt 2 Once you blow up a sun, people start expecting you to walk on water… wow~! Now parting the red sea. Great to know that Daniel is capable of accessing the ancients’ knowledge.
  27. 8×19 Moebius Prt 1 TIME Device!!!! Time jump! Excited!! Ancients’ device! Time = rotating fluid around the universe… it’s possible to ride onto the fluid! and the VIDEO Saved the day! and there goes SONY and his camcorder! fixing time line. Corsality. Carter,”I sort of attracted to Daniel!” 2 weeks from now… ZPM. didn’t the tape say no fish in the pond? -.||
  28. 10×02 Morpheus Sleep – slow wave sleep – sleep and cannot wake up~!
  29. 10×06 200 The teen version is hilarious~!!
  30. Inside 200 Teal’c,”It’s really amazing, you know, to see how you look like, how you sound like….~”
  31. 10×20 summing up…. great episode, know how asguard progress so far. time dilation field~!! Great!! get to do all the things that I would want to! time is always not enough! Life is short! reverse time!


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