Stargate Atlantis Must Watch Episodes


  1. Atlantis 1×15 Before I Sleep
    Time Travel!!! Elisabeth went back in time and everything work out!
    The city rise on sea water, floating on the sea.
    It’s never been so exciting as listening to TIME-Travel Stories!
    Sheppard, “Flux capacitor!”
    “Second Evolution of our kind!”,Jonass said.
    They’ve got 5 outpost with ZPMs.
  2. Atlantis 1×17
    1.3 seconds compression ratio high enough…. to send a message back to earth containing everything that they’ve learned.
  3. Atlantis 2×04
    McKay scissors paper stone, right hand + left hand.
  4. Atlantis 2×06 Trinity
    Vacuum Energy – elements created and destroyed. not all of them are feasible in this space-time continuum.
  5. Atlantis 2×08 Conversion
    Weir playing computer games! with Colonel Stephen (i think) of the Dandaelus.
  6. Atlantis 2×12 Epiphany
    Time Dilation Field for ascension
  7. 9×08 Babylon
    Faith is what you need! We believe in a God and we don’t need proof.
  8. 9×13 Ripple Effect
    multiple SG-1s
    Multiverse Quantum Theory – Parallel Universe (Metaverse)
    2 Carter discover Blackhole
    the whole room is full of Carter! Top-head of 18 universe!
    Inverting Conversing Point.
  9. 9×14 Stronghold
    to resist the influence of others, knowledge of oneself is truly important!
  10. 9×15 Ethon
    not until I’m dead… and sometimes not even then…
  11. 9×20 Crusade
    have any of you heard anything like this?
    yes, Darth Vader…

    there is no magic…
    daniel and mitchell {BEAM out~~~}

    the asguard that helped them try to dial out super gate,
    “I would go, but you do not have a space suit that’ll fit me”

  12. Atlantis 2×13
    twilight bark? nobody knows. Lord of the Rings! ah….
  13. Atlantis 3×08
    Siblings working together~ Great feelings~ working together solving physics problem~
    Parallel universe.
    Matter Stream Bridge.
  14. Atlantis 3×10
    travel at 0.999c – 1million years = 12 years. Relativity.
  15. Atlantis 3×14
    Tao of Rodney
    Superpowers of Rodney.
    working towards achievement.
  16. Atlantis 3×15 The Game
    Civilization Extreme~!
    dooms day scenario~
  17. Atlantis 4×20 The Last Man
    48000years in the future~ Atlantis in desert.

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