Individual Work (“Blogging for Credit”)

and so it seems that we’re supposed to do this for every class… Hmmm… Let’s do this after my FYP Interim presentation. >.<

There are no guidelines in terms of the length of each entry. The point however of this blog is to
“ensure” that students pay attention and actually learn something when they come to class. 🙂 For
starters, students may wish to reflect over the following points for each lesson:
1. What are your general impressions/comments on the lesson?
2. What are the key ideas of the lesson?
3. What do you agree/not agree with?
4. What questions do you have about the ideas/concepts discussed?

By the way, I’ve added “Facebook Connect” for the comments. Next i’m gonna try to add “Google Friend Connect”.

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2 thoughts on “Individual Work (“Blogging for Credit”)”

  1. To,
    My Gokgoi

    I like the idea of doing it every class!
    i’m currently taking an English composition class and the lecturer did something similar to this too.
    he encourages us to write every class (in a paper, not internet yet.haha)
    write anything we want, it’s something like a diary to me. a very short one as he only gives 10 min per class for the journal writing.
    sometimes he will come up with something interesting, like a Epitaph he gave recently:
    as you pass me by,
    as you are now so once was I,
    as I am now so you shall be,
    prepare then, to follow me.

    so we’re supposed to write anything we like. some continued the poem. some wrote their opinion of how ridiculous this poet is. while i continue each sentence and make it a story. haha!
    interesting right~
    the lecturer did his master in UCLA.
    he adapted a lot of teaching techniques from there.
    He is very strict! but once you flow with his style, it will be fun.

    Hope it is so for you too. as i think that this Facebook module you’re taking now should be very interesting^^

    All the best in your studies!

    Your Lerdie

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