Principles of Software Engineering

I think the agile development cycle is cool – iterative development. I think that’s what we need for EusoffWorks IT wing. We’re too dependent on the Waterfall model. EDIT: After talking to CheeEng (the EusoffWorks IT-Guru), apparently it’s not that we are too dependent on the Waterfall model, it’s just that we don’t even have a proper development model OR the members are just incompetent to begin with… Oh well, maybe what we need is just someone to motivate them enough to die for the projects… like a certain prof that we know.

The major getback is the assurance for non-programmers that they are useful in this module.

Tankie – 3 men team

Next up, SCRUM -> very interesting. The important feature of SCRUM is the ‘sprints‘ – blocks of short time with a list of goals

Scrum -10 mins everyday (status update) 3 questions

  1. What have I done?
  2. What are you going to do today?
  3. Will any of my work done today affect anyone else’s work? OR Are there any dependencies before you can work on your part?

and so there’s a product backlog with all features listed down and priorities.

Will this work in our CS3216 or school environment? Just as Justin and Prof. Ben has mentioned, in this module, there’s not gonna be someone who’s just going to look at the spreadsheet and be the archer/sniper.So how do we integrate this?

Next up, yeemun(?) EDIT: wei man(thanks dingyan) a girl who worked in “Lucas film” on Star Wars: Jedi Alliance @@ as project lead. She shared her experience on Scrum project management.

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