Mitsubishi Xtreme Photo Contest 3rd Prize
Mitsubishi Xtreme Photo Contest 3rd Prize

I got third prize for Mitsubishi Xtreme Speed Photo Contest. Third prize…. speechless. I still remember that day I dragged myself to the VSLR EOS Experience 1D Mk IV event, for some reason or another I didn’t slept well the night before and my alternate universe self might not be so fortunate if the decision was to stay in bed and sleep. I really have to thank NUS Photographic Society. For it was them who gave me the participant pass. And ya, the VSLR is awesome… I’m so gonna get one when I finally decided to buy a personal camera.

Of course, none of this is possible if it’s not because of  EusoffWorks. Ha, it was a Canon 40D and 17-50mm Tamron lens that empowered me that day. Not to forget the many events in Eusoff Hall that acts as opportunities for me to sharpen my photography skills. Finally nghuanjin for teaching me all about DSLR back in my first year after he himself learned DSLR just a month ago. Ha.

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