Dr. Foood knows what you ate last supper!

There goes another milestone in CS3216. No… I refuse to accept it as an end, it’s just the beginning. I have great faith in the app that we’ve built. I think it has real great potential. We’re leveraging on the power of crowd wisdom. Dr.Foood intelligence is more or less determined by the players themselves, thus, the user decides how fun or !fun the games is to be.

I’m gonna continue to develop this app, so does WyeMun. That would mean that I would need to brush up my PHP and Actionscript 3, that is on top of FBJS & Javascript. I can do it!

Next up – FB Seminar. I can foresee another sleepless weekend. But seriously I’ve never felt so energetic and passionate before. “This is the best module I’ve taken in my 4 years of NUS”, so said DingYan. I couldn’t agree more.

Try to outbeat Dr.Foood here if you haven’t yet.I Know What You Ate Last Supper

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