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It was the last lecture before Chinese New Year. I was asked to video the external pitching session so that we will be able make it into a webcast thereafter. However, some of the presentations are a bit too confidential and thus we are not able to put it up online yet. Please hold-on as Prof. Ben settles the permissions with the presenters.

Coming out of LT19, I thought to myself “It is refreshing to know that there are still loads of opportunities out there for grabs.”

iSyndica - Upload Once, Sell EverywhereI have to say, iSyndica really caught my attention when I was reading Prof. Ben’s PDF before the session. From the outset, iSyndica sounds like the name of a game e.g. Pizza Syndicate. However, it smells like a game, it looks like a game, it pronounces like a game, but it’s not a game. The tagline on its official website states

“Upload Once, Sell Everywhere – Distribute, Promote & Track Your Digital Media on Multiple Stock Agencies”.

iSyndica enables photographers, video & audio producers, and vector artists to manage and distribute their microstock portfolio online.

It’s quite self-explanatory. But whether it’s really useful or not, I plan to give it a try. After all, Digital Media is my forte.

Anyway iSyndica turns out to be a solution to the same problem that I’ve identified regarding online media. In fact, I’ve even conceptualized an ingenious idea to solve this problem. It turns out that we are approaching the same problem but from a different perspective.

I’ve heard Prof. Ben mention more than once that “Ideas are cheap, it’s the execution that matters“. On Sebastian’s latest blogpost, Prof. Ben commented “Sharing ideas will help you improve your ideas“. Essentially it’s about sharing our ideas openly so that it can be further refined through crowd wisdom.

Although I am still not fully comfortable to share an ingenious idea in open space but I am willing to give it a try. Very soon I’m gonna post my idea of a collaborative media platform up here.

Another pitch that caught my attention is Project Nimbus,  a project by Microsoft. Neng Giin, the presenter, didn’t go through the uploaded slides. However according to the PPT slides, it looks like a huge project. One of it’s contribution is to open up data sets for local innovators, startups and students to use.. The amount of data that it’s opening up is enormous. As we speak, negotiations with various government agencies and corporations alike are on-going. Once it’s set in stone, it translate to OPPORTUNITIES!

source: http://www.glnyw.gov.cn/Article/Article_Show.asp?ArticleID=867273

It’s like we are venturing into Shangri-la (世外桃源), every turn is full of opportunities. Now the question is what should we do to fully utilize this opportunity? Everything that happens happened for a reason, are we capable enough to hop-on to this in-coming wave? More importantly, how can I leverage upon this for the media collaboration platform idea that I have.

By the way, it turns out that I’m participating in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, together with KaiLin, WyeMun and Sebastian. It’s exciting as all of them are God-like programmers, there are lots to learn in this dynamic and energetic group.

Meanwhile, my FYP is going slow.. Need to pick up the pace a bit. After all, I need to ace this to ensure I at least get a nice honours. Besides, what’s there to complain when you get to work with cutting edge nanofabrication devices and femtosecond lasers.

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  1. Hey Joshua, just chanced upon our post, although it’s been quite some time ago. Glad to hear you’re interested in our product! If you’ve any questions, or need help getting started, you know where to reach me (or us). Good luck with your FYP!


  2. hey ya Derrick, I’m pretty surprised to get a comment from iSyndica. Ya, my FYP is going very slow. The many competitions and CS3216 and Prof. Ben isn’t really helping. Ha. But it’s fun lar – all of it. By the way, since you ask, I’m wondering whether I can still use the photos/videos that I’ve posted on iSyndica as stock for my personal projects?

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