Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Wisdom

I really think crowd wisdom is the current paradigm, so what other fields out there that can benefit from crowd wisdom?

穷则变,变则通,通则久(,久则穷)?Confucius said only the first 9 words, the last 3 words was added in much later. A quick search on google reveals this blog that mention that the author himself adds the last 3 words to emphasize what he wants to say.

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2 thoughts on “Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Wisdom”

  1. Say, crowd sourcing is based on the big number of people in the crowd, so basically i think anything that many people share can make use of it. Most notably is Wiki, which contain knowledge about any field.

    In this case you might be referring to something more specific, yet the knowledge about it is not definite and many people care. Hey, what do you care about?

    Btw, I cant understand the Chinese sentence and that blog post, so I didn’t understand the point you made at the end of the blog post.

  2. @Hung sorry for the late reply. What do I care about? That is a good question, digital archives? How people keep and organize things on the digital world. That’s my passion. But let me think, how do I make use of crowd sourcing to benefit this field?

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