Mid-Term Survey + Prof. Ben’s Responses

I think this is really cool and useful. It will be very good to have other modules do something similar, especially Engineering Science Modules. Check out what Prof. Ben has to say in regards to our survey


Being a Prof isn’t easy indeed. Even in a small class of 41 people, the responses cover a whole range of sentiments, good, bad and neutral. It reminds me of EusoffWorks, where we have to ensure 130+ people are happy and they’re learning, with so many different fields, photo, video, design, IT, Digital Media Management. resonates… resonates… wooong wooong …..

Personally, I think the Wave assignment is really exciting and loads of opportunities when you immerse in the bleeding edge!

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  1. I really love Google Wave, sadly not everyone understand how to use it. EusoffWorks loves it. timothy gan yew peng even wants to make a main communication platform for JCRC. But fret not, the Wave code has been donated to the Apache Software Foundation. This is their roadmap “http://www.waveprotocol.org/wave-in-a-box/wiab-roadmap”. This is a platform that uses the wave protocol, it’s v0.09 http://kune.ourproject.org/

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