Dialogue with *REAL* Entrepreneurs

the spirit of cockroaches – they do not die!

If you were to ask me to summarize the whole session, I’ll say “money”. Apparently other than Tong Yee who’s really out there to try to change the education system, the rest are entrepreneurs whose sole purpose of creating a business is to EARN MONEY! Ash says that “Sales solves Everything”. Hoong An says “Money solves everything”. Les is thinking how to monetize the many eye balls that he’s having now. Now I know that money is really important, but I think that there’s more to just money. Currently I’m reading Muhammad Yunus’ “Creating a World without Poverty”, I think Social Business is really something…

Why you should not be an entrepreneur –

HungryGoWhere Chief Evangelist Officer

—– some of the highlights

You hang around people just like you
– no soccer team wins with ten strikers or ten goal keepers on the field at the same time

Hoong An mention that he’d rather hire someone who is very good at doing what he does best rather than someone who he can get along pretty well. First of all, of course the best scenario is to have someone whom you can get along pretty well and he’s has very good technical skills. But taking this hypothetical situation, Hong Anh’s decision is to hire the more talented one. In this I have to disagree. For what it’s worth, if I really have to choose between the two, I’d rather work with people who I can get along well. I truly believe in the synergy effect. So does my father. The time and effort trying to convince a talented person who doesn’t believe in your vision might be better spend at tackling the business hurdles that’s ahead.

But maybe this principle of mine doesn’t really apply for a profit-maximizing business. But Social Business? It takes a passionate person to want to do social business.

You cannot make decisions
– a wrong decision is better than a no decision

couldn’t agree more

You have no faith and do not believe in God

Hoong An’s reasoning is that having a faith or believing in God can really pull you through the toughest time. I think God aside, it’s important to always believe in something bigger than ourselves. I think it’s an acquired-skill for a person to think that the world doesn’t revolve around him. Thanks to human arrogance.

Oh ya, I happen to be the official videographer for the night. The videos are in progress hang on… Most likely it’ll be uploaded to the CS3216 Facebook Group once it’s done.

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4 thoughts on “Dialogue with *REAL* Entrepreneurs”

  1. For what it’s worth, if I really have to choose between the two, I’d rather work with people who I can get along well.

    Then you’re probably not very suited to be an entrepreneur, at least not a large scale one. If you want to run your own photography/videography shop, maybe ok.

  2. photography/videography as a career is not fun at all, as a hobby ba.

    As for that decision to work with people who I can get along well, how about being the supporter for a successful entrepreneur! Be the enabler rather than the doer?

  3. I think it really depends on what is the vision and mission of the company and the forerunners..
    If u wish to create great things, u need talents who might or might not be easy to work with. With no talents, u can’t get work done.
    To achieve synergy is ideal,not impossible
    But then again to what extend…it is a tough line to balance
    Some people look at the results as the means to achieve the company’s vision, some looks at the community built around his people.
    Money is not the most important but crucial nonetheless, money creates job, stimulate economy, build churches,save lives, etc
    I understand their advocating, for money is the vehicle, but ultimately is still the goal that needs to be achieved

  4. @yongxin I disagree that “with no talents, u can’t get work done”, it’s like saying people with no talents cannot do anything at all, which is not true. The truth is that work can still be done with people who’ve no talent, skills can be picked up along the way. Work might not be done as efficient but work is done nevertheless.

    some looks at the community built around his people.
    that is the fundamental principle of social business. You should read Muhammad Yunus’ book.

    for money is the vehicle
    I think sadly most people who does business doesn’t recognise it as a vehicle.

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