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so one of my uploaded video on youtube was removed due to copyright infringement. The ridiculous thing about this removal is that the video is actually a stationary video coverage of our hall’s Choir Performance. Check out the email below. I respect fair usage and I acknowledge that credits should be given when credits’ due. But this…. ? So does it mean that the many covers of commercial songs on youtube are actually illegal? Should I dispute?

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  1. Actually, ask them how they detected your infringement. I suspect it might be an algorithm that detects copyrighted soundtracks. Would be quite cool. 🙂 Don’t get upset at an algorithm.

  2. the last i checked, singapore law is not applicable in this case. youtube follows american law.

    moreover, from what i understand, since it was a notification from Alley Music, it’s not youtube that detected the infringement. most of them time, when a big company tells youtube there is an infringement, the video just gets taken down.

    only way i know you can get it back is through counter-notification.

  3. I saw some videos online on what to counter notify with (some things about reasonable usage and stuff) to get back your audio.

  4. @yanjie it’s a video about real person singing the song. I didn’t put in any extra audio. Is it possible that my hall’s choir sang so well that the algorithm thought it was a mp3 recording?

  5. @Prof: they use a hash. Once content is detected, the copyright holder is automatically alerted by the system, and they may then choose to a) share advertising revenue with Google from that video, or b) request removal.

    More information at Wired

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