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Saw this article @ COM1 @ the SoC in the News section. I’ve found an online excerpt, click here to view.
Media Search seems to go hand-in-hand with proper archiving methods in solving the multimedia information overload problem.
In that if things are kept in an orderly manner in the first place, it’s definitely easier to find what you set out to find (search). Of course, the follow-up question will be: “What happens after you’ve found what you’ve set out to find? You would want to look at it right?” This is where Data Visualisation comes in. So ya, it’s like one big continuum of issues sitting there waiting for us to solve, exciting times!!

I like the introduction paragraph, it summarizes the problem that I’ve been trying to articulate to people whenever people ask about my passion on Digital Archiving. Now on to assimilating what Asha had wrote into my brain… nom nom nom nom…


Multimedia information has become more pervasive and now permeates many aspects of our personal and professional lives.

For example, new mobile devices allow us to easily record pictures and videos, and share them with friends across social networking sites on the Intenrnet.

Companies routinely integrate multimedia information tin the development of products and delivery of services to their customers.

Such developments have created an unprecedented amunt of multimedia content comprising text, audio, images, videos and more.

With so much information available, the challenge is how to efficiently sift through it and find a specific piece of information.

This has led to the need for more effective data mining and search tools, which can process, analyse and fuse information.

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