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Déjà vu

and you wonder why is the logo an infinity sign....

Hello World! I'm back in CS3216!

I have just finished watching both "required-watching" videos for the module. It's really interesting how even after a year the videos continue to inspire me and "fire" me up. I'm ready to make a dent in the world!



Randy Pausch's   "The Last Lecture"

Steve Jobs'   "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish"

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Network Programming

Let's learn Netword Programming

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Google Multiple Calendar Sync with Nokia E71 (S60v3)

For the longest time I was using nuevasync to synchronize the many shared calendars I have on Google Calendar with my Nokia E71 built-in calendar. That is until nuevasync decides to go commercial. So since then I was unable to synchronize my phone's calendar with my online calendar.

Then just as I am about to give up on Nokia and its incompatibility and lack of useful apps, I chance upon a forum post who suggest that Ovi is able to do multiple calendar sync!

So this was what I did

  1. Setup Ovi Sync (using SyncML and not the clunky Mail for Exchange)
    (The steps include receiving a SMS that will automatically setup the Sync Profile, quite seamless.)
  2. Import my private Google Calendar iCal address into Ovi Calendar.
  3. Sync using the "Sync" app under "Tools -> Sync" in my phone
  4. Voila! Finally I'm whole again!

All these would have been easier if I have an Android phone. I prefer HTC with QWERTY keyboard. So far only HTC Desire Z has that. >.<|| Come on HTC, launch a new QWERTY model already!

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