Reflection on Peer Appraisal Exercise

This is truly an interesting exercise. First of all I would like to thank all my team mates who took the extra effort to appraise my performance for the past 3 assignments. I totally understand the “extra effort” part as I myself have to appraise all those that I have worked with too.

Peer appraisal might sound or look easy up front, but It’s really not as easy as it seems. Maybe it’s just me but putting feelings down into words is not trivial at all. So once again thank you awesome team mates!

So now on to the reflection. The recurring theme in the appraisal result is that I am an ideas person. It’s like deja vu because last year ideas was also the recurring theme in my peer appraisal.

I dug deep within hoping to unearth what makes me cause others to think that I am an ideas person. I really don’t know. Well I did not aim to be the “ideas” person when I decide to take this module again. I wanted to be a “coder“. But I guess it’s still a long way before I’m up to par. Joshua, let’s work harder on this together!!

But seriously I believe everyone is capable of coming out with great ideas. Ok, let me try asking myself how did I end up with so much ideas?

  • Read. Read a lot more. Read something outside of my field of study. Don’t know what got into me, I just decide to pick up an American History Textbook and started reading. Of course, having someone like Ben Leong as your Facebook Friend does help boost your reading a little bit more. Now I think about it, maybe it’s because I’ve added Ben Leong as my Facebook friend – my Facebook News Feed is never the same again.
  • Lateral thinking helps a lot. Sometimes great ideas pop when I try to piece different disciplines together in your head.
  • The propensity to ask a lot of questions help too. Well, one of the major complain that I have from friends (not from this peer appraisal) is that I ask “Why?” too much. Asking “What If?” helps too.
  • Of course nothing beats writing down my ideas. Ideas come when I least expect – Serendipity happens. Toilet and Bathroom cubicles especially. That’s why it’s important to record it/jot it/blog it down whenever it happens. I used my smartphone as my brain extension. And it’s working pretty well so far.

But having said all that, yes having ideas is good. But since  ideas’ a dime a dozen, I think successfully executing an idea is even more valuable. And that is a skill that is not so easy to hone. In fact, in the context of a web app, it takes more than one person to successfully execute an idea.

Now onto the “Bad” side. I got a “MIA sometimes” and “Difficult to reach at times” and a suggested improvement of “To put away messages so that I know you’re unavailable”. Whoever you are, I really treasure your comments. I will try to leave “away” messages. Perhaps as Gtalk status?


As I think about it, I think this has to do with my unusual nocturnal waking hours than anything else. I’m aware of the problem and I don’t think there’s an easy fix. Meanwhile the easiest way to reach me is through Facebook, SMS, Email and Gtalk. Generally I just dislike picking up phone calls. I guess my growing up in a home where there’s a telephone hotline makes you subconsciously refuse to pick up the phone. Maybe that explains why I really prefer higher latency communication.

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