Creating Value

I arrived quite late for this CS3216 external pitching session and missed Reuben’s presentation. Sorry bro.

I arrived smack right when Gary was presenting. I couldn’t agree more to what Darren have said, he is too weak in audience engagement. Can’t he see that everyone is bored and restless halfway through his presentation?
Personally I found the candlestick idea to be very interesting. I have the same sentiment when Prof. Ben asked, “Does it really work?”.

Moving on.

Dr. Dana & First Aid Corps.
Dr. Dana’s work is really commendable. He showed us statistics of CPR in resusitating a cardiac arrest patient. Surprisingly CPR doesn’t really help the overall surviving rate. AED is supposed to be better but people seem to have problem using it correctly. Even after going through AED trainings, studies have found that people tend to forget 50% of the stuff that they’ve learned during the training. Thus, he wants to help retention by making a game of some sort. IMHO, making it viral seem to be the way to solve this.

All in all, I just have to say that we definitely need more people like him in our society. Constantly trying to solve real world problems. And this is a problem of life and death. Now I hope someone from the class pair up with him to make the AED training game. Wait, maybe we can incorporate some of the AED locations in our HTML5 app. Idea to ponder about.

Module-Review came to pitch again. I’m fortunate enough to have most of my modules assigned to me when I was still in NUS. One thing i notice about module choosing, most of the time it,s about choosing modulr that doesn’t clash with your core modules. So many times I’ve singled out the modules that I want to take only to realize that it clashes with my core. Pain. So if module-review does integrate module planning and do a better job than CORS, I’ll use.

He mention that future iteratikn might include degree planning. Yes that is totally relevant. As of before my graduation, some of the university requirements and total MC to graduate stuff really caused me some pain along the way. But a simple excel spreadsheet and some calculations did the trick.

It’ll be nice if it integrates with CORS and IVLE.

The only problem with this module-review platform is that it’s usage is periodical in nature. Very hard to retain users. Quite hard to monetize also. The site hits will be almost barren during say the 3 months holiday. It’s a hard problem. Maybe he should work with COMCEN on this.

Ok I’m quite confused. What does this Cliquefund venture is trying to do? I know it’s something to do with investment and I remember feeling that “Hey this guy is out there to change the corrupted economy system, cool”. But otherwise I have no idea what it’s about. Anything would care to enlighten me?

App Seminar (Pekay’s Little Author & Many More)

SquareSquareFirst up we have Square, a mobile payment solution that includes a credit card reader & an app. Hey it's a smart solution, it uses the sound jack. If I got it correctly from the presentation, the device translate the magnetic strip data into sound first before decoding it back into ones and zeroes. For this itself this app deserves a "star". Here's a promo video for Square.

The team mentioned that someone managed to crack the app in BlackHat. I wonder how did they do it? Did they build they own card reader? The team also mentioned that they did try to sniff the packets by using wireshark. But somehow it doesn't work because Square uses RAW sockets (whatever that is, it's supposed to be secure).

Square charges 2.75% as commission for each swipe. Hey, they even have a promo video for this flat rate feature.

However according to their analysis, it might be cheaper to use Square for the initial $4500, but conventional POS services is more cost-effective afterwards. I think this analysis only applies to particular situation where a vendor can actually support a POS setup. Mobile vendors, house-call doctors, artists etc wouldn't have the luxury of setting up a POS on-the-go, therefore, I still think Square is really revolutionary.

InClassInClassThis is supposed to be an app for you to take notes while you're in class. The first thing the team mentioned is that the app has a non-intuitive UI/UX. I have not personally used the app but according to my classmate Ajay, he downloaded and deleted the app in 15minutes. Come on, text cursor on the right? It doesn't help when it crashes very often too.

Other than fixing the UI/UX and crash bugs, the app could go a long way if it collaborated with educational institutions and integrates with online books stores. IMHO, it's good to have many integrated features. But I guess that has to be shelve for the far future. The app needs to iron out the kinks and garner a strong user base first. If not it'll end up like many feature-bloated Microsoft products.

During the Q&A, Blackboard was mentioned. I took a glimpse of Blackboard Learn and it looks like a generic version of NUS IVLE.

Oh ya, I quite like the presentation style. Not many words, simple and straight-to-the-point pictures.
PulseNewsPulse NewsI'm sold. After just 2 mins into the presentation, I've downloaded the app on my GSII and started using it. And it actually integrates with Read it Later, Instapaper etc. I'm sold. I like the intuitive UI and mosaic layout. The best part is it integrates well with Google Reader and Facebook. Sadly it doesn't really recognize Google Reader "labels" thus I can't really insert the whole CS3216-2011 RSS as a source.

The team mentioned about the inability to customize the layout. IMHO, I think it's very much a design decision, inspired by Apple iOS perhaps? Another drawback the team mentioned is that the search is not optimized. One day into using the app, I realized that I didn't even touch the search function, their recommended list is sufficient for me. Maybe I'll grumble in the future when I need to use the search feature.

Some of the possible further implementation mentioned include
  • Text-to-speech
  • "Donate Now" button. Actually I will donate if the premium features adds value to my life.
  • Braille version. Now I think this is really pushing it too far. It's not even sure how a capacitive touch screen device can implement braille. But if the app really does manage to do it, it'll be a big hit.

  • As of now, it is not possible to customize the layout. Now I think this is very much a design decision. The unique selling point of this app is the mosaic layout. Personally I think the dark theme is also intentional. Dark surrounding gives focus to the subject content.

  • Search is not optimize. This one is true. It just gives me one whole chunk of unfiltered information. I guess with good recommendation subscriptions, search become less of a priority feature.

Possible implementation mentioned by the team:
  • Text-to-speech. Not too sure how popular this will be as I have never really used those text-to-speech features in apps. Reading is faster.

  • Ask for donatation button. Prof. Ben mentioned that it is not that good a model. But actually if the app is real good, adds value to my life, and it's free, I would donate to support a fellow developer.

  • Braille version. Are you serious? How is Braille gonna work on a touchscreen?

Presentation: 7/10 (i want to give more since i'm sold at the idea of the app (android support), but the team tried a bit too hard at the beginning by trying to suan Ben & Nescafe (dry humour?))

FlipboardFlipboardPersonalize social magazine. After the seminar I've started using Flipboard. By far I think this is the best looking news reading app out there. Too bad it doesn't support Android.

  • Curate your own list. Is it something like labels? I can think of its potential, especially if the nature of your work involves research and reading a lot of online articles. It'll be great if you can collate them as an archive.

  • The team mentioned that the feedback system is good. But from the looks of it it's a getsatisfaction integration. I've seen many sites using getsatisfaction including major brands. But I don't think it's inherently the app's feature.

  • No Cache clearing function. The team mentioned that it accumulate up to 5GB on the iPad after just one month of usage. For a 16GB model, that is like 30%, quite a lot.

  • This is from me. No android support!!!
Doodle BuddyDoodle BuddyMy group did the presentation on Doodle Buddy. In my opinion, It is precisely this type of app that even a 2 years old knows can operate what makes iPad so revolutionary successful. Otherwise it's just a bigger screen iPhone, another luxury device for geeks.

Night StandNight Stand HDMusic Alarm? My experience with my new SGS2 is that the battery life is seriously low and the alarm didn't rang because the battery went dead. Not too sure about iPad's battery life.

  • Multi-app integration - Twitter, Facebook, etc. Ok this sounds attractive, but with Flipboard, PulseNews and all, why would I want to use this?

The team mentioned that stability is something the app can improve upon. IMO, if it's gonna be an alarm clock, better make sure stability is at the top of the priority list.

Commercial Potential
  • 18 million likes on FB. This is no small feat. Maybe there's a market out there for multi-app integration?

  • $1.99

  • In-app purchase

Presentation: 6/10 (didn't prepare enough? Manage to answer the questions well though)
The Sims SocialThe Sims Social (Beta)It's quite awesome that the group actually decide on this app. I remember I jumped on it and straight away started playing when I saw "The Sims". I remember playing Sim City on DOS, tried to play SimCity 3000 on my computer although it lags a lot. I remember my computer cannot support The Sims.

In any case, I think social interaction for simulation games is the future. I've blogged about it briefly in my City of Wonder post. But I think The Sims Social manage to integrate the social interaction pretty well, although there are still a long way to go until it is truly real-time. Then it will very much be like Second Life. I remember trying Second Life, not sure why I didn't continue. Maybe too open ended?

What's worth mentioning is that due to the unnatural growth 20million players in 3 weeks. I happen to be one of the unlucky ones to NOT being able to play the game for 5 days straight. Interestingly the game has so much attraction that I went to stalk the forums for hope to resume playing the game. Finally the engineers fixed the bugs and I got to play again. They even award me 150 Sims Cash as a compensation to my lost game time. Hooray!
Evernote Peek Evernote PeekWe had a quite interesting debate about whether there are any real use cases with the whole smart cover peeking feature. Then somehow we went on to discuss about physical book vs e-book.

Ben mention that ebooks will be the dominant reading format, and physical books will be cannibalized. Somehow I think so too, I believe that the familiarity of physical books is very much a learned habit rather than a fixed constant. It is very much an emotional attachment to books, that happened to be around ever since.... Gutenberg? Or was it since the Chinese invented paper?

In any case, as Ben mentioned, kids nowadays are already growing up surrounded by digital contents. Chances are kids might be more accustomed to e-books than real books.

Then Ben brought up last year's Chewy Chong's talk about "People are not like you". For some reason or another, I didn't seem to blog about the session. But thanks to Google Reader, these are some of the blogpost from my CS3216 (2010) classmates if you're interested.

  • Microsoft guy speaks up! (and makes us think)

  • Something to Chew Over

  • Marketing to Crack Whores and Kids
  • Pekay's Little Author Pekay's Little AuthorOk, last but not least, this is my assigned app for the seminar critique. For some reason, Murphy likes to be my friend. Of all the apps that I could have been assigned, it has to be "Pekay's Little Author". That is the only app that I did not have any notes taken down.

    Nevertheless, here an attempt to dig out subconscious memories of the said presentation.

    Ok, this is another app for children. It empower children to create storybooks by using template cartoon figures and pictures. It has a Facebook app and an iPad app. Interestingly the iPad app was fresh out of the oven somewhere at the end of August.

    Here's an official demo video.

    Let's start with the Facebook app, on first glance the UI is really atrocious for a children-targeted app. The buttons are splatter across the screen and the tabs doesn't draw attention. Furthermore, you have to actually click on the "My Page" tab, then "New Storybook" to create a new storybook. And eh, ugly IFrame scrollbars, go away! Talk about UX, ugh.

    From my experience trying out the app, this app is only usable if a parent is guiding the child while using the app. The storybook maker is quite powerful, you can even control the limbs of the cartoon characters. In addition, it seems you only have a limited set of template characters & stamps for the free version.

    The team mentioned that the developers should add sound, animation, rating system for storyboard. IMHO, I think they should spend more time cleaning up the UI/UX if they are serious about the children market.

    Pekay's Little Author (Facebook version) Screenshot

    One interesting note is that Facebook is for >13 years old. Of course no one can stop you from faking your age to register an account. But interestingly Pekay seem to have noticed that and thus they provide an Adobe AIR version for those <13 years old. Oh well, or you can purchase the iPad app for $5.99 instead.

    All in all, I can see what this app is trying to do and it's big potential and value-addedness for children. But seriously they should really invest more time cleaning up their UI/UX, a complete overhaul will be good.
    The order of presentation:
    1. Square
    2. InClass
    3. PulseNews
    4. Flipboard
    5. Doodle Buddy
    6. night stand
    7. VNC Viewer
    8. Sims Social
    9. Pekay’s Little Author
    10. Evernote Peek
    11. PDF Expert

    Lecture 3: A connected world through technology (HTML5, CSS3, Kinect) by Microsoft

    Microsoft was invited to speak @ CS3216 lecture today. Three of them came down, Yizhe (Developer Evangelist), Thye Yeow (Partner Developer Evangelist) and Christ Ismael (Developer Evangelist).

    Thye Yeow started off with HTML5.

    My take? I just have to say “HTML5 is quite awesome!”

    Check out Microsoft’s notes on HTML5 Semantic Notepad.

    Personally, the most thing ever happen to HTML5 is the <video> tag. Recently I just chance upon another awesome media framework called Popcorn.js. Can’t wait to try this awesome rich media stuff!!

    I still remember the days when Youtube was still fresh. I was contemplating whether we should use Youtube as the main EusoffWorks Video Gallery. Halfway through JieJing came out with the GalleryMage/SPGM solution, followed by CheeEng‘s Drupal/Gallery2 hack. But as it turns out we are slowly moving back to using Youtube since it has the widest audience reach. I still remember the days where people prefer to download videos to watch but people prefer streaming nowadays. The game field has changed so much, and it’s just a 4 years span.

    HTML5 <canvas> is quite awesome too! Can’t wait for the day where we don’t have to use FLASH for animation anymore!

    CSS Media queries is quite imba! Now we don’t have to create three different website for mobile, tablet and desktop. In essence you can specify a different CSS for different device based on the screen widths.

    Example of an imba thing you can do with HTML5 @ Fun With Particles.

    W3C Geolocation works on the browser too – I don’t think you even need a GPS device installed (for desktop/laptop).

    Take a glimpse at the power of HTML5 Demo @

    Prof. Ben mentioned about how IE9 is able to render graphics faster – because Microsoft is able to pipeline the rendering to the graphics card. But I think Chrome & Firefox is catching up, right?

    Tentative HTML5 is set to fully launch @ 2015. But Ben said it’s gonna be the future. It’s gonna be messy but browser has been messy since the beginning. But that is the way it happens for future tech. If we are to wait for stability we’ll be lagging behind.

    Must check out


    We also caught a glimpse on the unreleased version of Windows Phone 7 (Mango). Windows 8 will have a similar UI/UX as Mango. Sadly the voice recognition feature failed during demonstration. Murphy’s Law strikes!

    Mango is running IE9 (for now)!


    Metro UI

    There’s an Android app that tries to simulate Windows Phone 7 (Mango) Metro UI


    Check out the #CS3216 twitter hashtag for realtime updates, especially on Mondays!



    CS3216 Lecture 2: Principles of Software Engineering

    One year down, as I listen to Prof. Ben I found that I understand a little bit more than when I heard it the first time last year. At least now I have a better idea of what MVC is about. Let’s hope that I will be reaching the state by the end of the module where I will know how to use MVC properly.

    It’s quite interesting to hear from Jonathan Low. I vaguely remember the sparks in his group, but from the sound of it, it sounded quite serious. Haha, maybe I was too engrossed with my own project, I didn’t knew that it was so serious at all. But they seem alright during Poster Session. So I guess by then they should have already settled all their differences.

    I felt a slight prick as the NOC guys are presenting. In hindsight, I should have find out more about NOC back then before discounting the possibility of getting in at all. Haha, it turns out that I have quite a warped idea about NOC, that it is all about business and money. Of course that was before I took CS3216 and I couldn’t even bother to find out more about NOC. Fast forward to the present, I am a co-founder of Big Orange Pixel (haha, isn’t that a business?). Who could have known?

    I’m very much caught on the idea of Social Entrepreneurship. It was through CS3216 1.0 that I got introduced to the idea of Social Entrepreneurship, through Muhammad Yunus’ book “Creating a World without Poverty”. The idea is very much an eye-opener for me and I thought that is something that I could work with. Then I found out that ultimately Social Entrepreneurship is still very much a business. And you still have to run the organisation like a business. Cashflow is still a major concern. All the problems that a business face, you still have to face it in a Social Enterprise. In fact, it’s even harder to run a SE than a normal business.

    For a business noob like me, I thought the best way to contribute to a great cause is to be the support. Especially technical support. I guess that’s also one of the reason why I’m here taking CS3216 all over again — To upgrade my programming skills. But I guess I really have to work harder since my FB1 team have 3 elite programmers. Now my goal for this assignment is to NOT be a liability to the other programmers. Chiong ahhhhhhh….

    What I hope to learn in CS3216 (again)?

    It’s been more than one year since my last stint in CS3216 ended. As I was reading my previous posts about CS3216, especially the “What Have I Learned from CS3216” post. Once again I felt myself asking myself “Why am I taking this all over again?”. To be honest, it’s really hard to pin down exactly why I am doing this all over again. Perhaps it’s the adrenaline rush, the late-nights-chiong-project-with-a-group-of-like-minded-friends, the real world implication for what we do, or just because this is a necessary step to fulfill my dream….
     But as highlighted in the reflection post, there are a few things where I hope I’ll be able to learn at the beginning but I didn’t succeed. Since this is my 2nd attempt and probably the last one, I better buck up and make it happen. After all this module is about realizing our childhood dreams right?

    Hello world, look here, “I want to be a competent programmer”!

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    Déjà vu

    Hello World! I’m back in CS3216!

    I have just finished watching both “required-watching” videos for the module. It’s really interesting how even after a year the videos continue to inspire me and “fire” me up. I’m ready to make a dent in the world!



    Randy Pausch’s   “The Last Lecture”

    Steve Jobs’   “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”

    What have I learned from CS3216?

    First of all, I would like to say this “Unless you’re willing to sacrifice your FYP, please do not take CS3216 (or any Prof. Ben’s module) during your last semester (FYP due semester). Although it’s quite fun to take Prof. Ben’s words literally “Grades are not important”, I think the more appropriate phrase should be “Grades are not that important”. After all, if you are already getting a third class honours and above, the worst thing that can happen if you flunk all the other modules is to get a third class honours. But if you don’t even have a third class honours, maybe grades became slightly more important. As much as we are inspired by Steve Jobs and people who’ve dropped out of school to start their business (and be very successful and rich).

    The fact remains that we are NOT in the United States of America. The society over here is just not that forgiving. Besides, I doubt the infrastructure here is ready to support such brave endeavours. But .. but… granted maybe what we need is just a jolt, maybe what all of us need is to have the first mover, maybe everything will change when a Eastern Steve Jobs or Eastern Bill Gates began hitting the newspapers headlines. I guess that’s what Prof. Ben is advocating throughout the whole semester.

    So what have I learned after one semester crazy CS3216?

    1. Social Passion – It’s through the many researches that I’ve done for the final project that I’ve discovered the book “Creating a World without Poverty – Muhammad Yunus“. Before this, I’ve always considered money as the source of all evil. Thus if it’s not because I need to eat to survive and to eat I need to use money, I will rather not use money at all. Ask me to venture into business where the end goal is to maximize profit? Nah… not in a ten thousand years. But It’s through CS3216 that I’ve began to see an alternative way of using money as the means for an end. The idea of Social Business is very compelling. The idea of it adopting a non-dividend and non-loss model is something that my conscience gladly accepts.  It’s like I’ve opened another door where it’s full of opportunities.
    2. Video Editing Skill – After Effects
    3. Click here to see my production (using After Effects)
    4. If you know what you are doing, it’s not too daunting to step out of your own comfort zone. Most often than not, people like me just need a slight nudge to start the motivation engine.
      1. Joined many competitions
        1. Microsoft Photo360 – PhotoSynth
        2. Imagine Cup Digital Media – Currently @ Round 2 “Prevention is better than Protection
        3. Imagine Cup Software Design – Regional Semi-Finals “argora
        4. Various Photography Competitions
    5. Team Vision is crucial! Add-on to my previous teamwork principle of “It’s more enjoyable to work with a not-so-talented person who is equally passionate than a damn-talented person who is not as passionate”.
      1. Feelings aside, a real talented person can really mesmerize you with his/her ability, no joke.
    6. Communications is crucial in a team project, especially when the project time frame is so short. Somehow, meeting up and talk in person can be more efficient at times.
    7. Rediscover my own passion – media as memory captor
      1. It’s truly fulfilling to be able to drive a stake in the writing of a part of history
    8. How little I know about Software Engineering & Progamming (Yes, I’m a noob [but I was the Tech Guru back then… oh well, I guess all these are relative]
    9. key lesson in leadership– putting a team together and making things happen
      1. The best person to be a leader is the person who brought the team together
    10. Reaffirm my drive to challenge the norm – it helps when there’s a whole class of crazy people that tries to challenge the norm together with you. Oh ya, not forgetting the class mentor who constantly psycho all of us to step out of our comfort zone.
    11. Reaffirm what I really like– to camp @ a place with a group of people all striving towards a common goal. I don’t mind living my whole life doing something like that! (That’s why I think work-life balance is irrelevant if work=life)
      1. Workoholic? Ha. maybe.
    12. The prospect of Argora is incredible and I fully believe in its potential to revolutionise the world, finally breaking the language barrier.

      A community-driven online meeting-place with integrated translation support that facilitate people to seek and share social causes. A universal translation solution that combine the essence of Wiki, Blog, Digg and Forum. We strive to break the language barrier.
    13. More? Many more… Some of it quite hard to put into words. Suffices to say, CS3216 has changed my goal bearings significantly. Ahoy adventure ahead!

    Thank you Prof. Ben for such a wonderful experience this semester. Thank you TAs (KokWee, SuYuen, YanJie, YuenHoe, and Jason) for all the hard work, heartfelt thanks, I know it’s tough to be doing all the behind-the-scenes work. Thank you ZiHan and Chris Henry for the workshop session. Thank you all CS3216 classmates, I think I’ve found the perfect group of people for my mental acrobatics exercise. Stay tune.

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    Facebook Security and Privacy

    Today’s guest lecturer is Er Chiang Kai – Prof. Ben’s classmate back in MIT, Software Engineering – Senior Manager. IBM Singapore Software Laboratory.

    This lecture tells us a lot about how vulnerable data can be. There are so many ways that our privacy can be compromised,  e.g. SQL Injection, Social Engineering, Cross Site Scripting, Directory Traversal (i’ve actually tried it on ~joshuatj on eusoff personal website, ha, it doesn’t work, woohoo!)

    Security only as good as weakest point.

    I like the analogy of the home where it has the most sophisticated security system but one window is left open. GG.

    Basic Security Objectives

    1. Confidentiality
      • Protect from eavesdropping
    2. Integrity
      • Protect from modification
    3. Availability
      • Protect from denial of service

    script kiddie” is an interesting concept, it’s can literally mean kids who use scripts/programs to hack.  OR according to Wikipedia, it is

    “derogatory term used to describe those who use scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks. []”

    Singapore has no Privacy LAW! Woohoo… the big boss can do anything to us, woohoo!

    All in all, the PPT is gonna go into joshuatj-gold-archive, it’ll be really useful in the near future.

    Dialogue with *REAL* Entrepreneurs

    the spirit of cockroaches – they do not die!

    If you were to ask me to summarize the whole session, I’ll say “money”. Apparently other than Tong Yee who’s really out there to try to change the education system, the rest are entrepreneurs whose sole purpose of creating a business is to EARN MONEY! Ash says that “Sales solves Everything”. Hoong An says “Money solves everything”. Les is thinking how to monetize the many eye balls that he’s having now. Now I know that money is really important, but I think that there’s more to just money. Currently I’m reading Muhammad Yunus’ “Creating a World without Poverty”, I think Social Business is really something…

    Why you should not be an entrepreneur –

    HungryGoWhere Chief Evangelist Officer

    —– some of the highlights

    You hang around people just like you
    – no soccer team wins with ten strikers or ten goal keepers on the field at the same time

    Hoong An mention that he’d rather hire someone who is very good at doing what he does best rather than someone who he can get along pretty well. First of all, of course the best scenario is to have someone whom you can get along pretty well and he’s has very good technical skills. But taking this hypothetical situation, Hong Anh’s decision is to hire the more talented one. In this I have to disagree. For what it’s worth, if I really have to choose between the two, I’d rather work with people who I can get along well. I truly believe in the synergy effect. So does my father. The time and effort trying to convince a talented person who doesn’t believe in your vision might be better spend at tackling the business hurdles that’s ahead.

    But maybe this principle of mine doesn’t really apply for a profit-maximizing business. But Social Business? It takes a passionate person to want to do social business.

    You cannot make decisions
    – a wrong decision is better than a no decision

    couldn’t agree more

    You have no faith and do not believe in God

    Hoong An’s reasoning is that having a faith or believing in God can really pull you through the toughest time. I think God aside, it’s important to always believe in something bigger than ourselves. I think it’s an acquired-skill for a person to think that the world doesn’t revolve around him. Thanks to human arrogance.

    Oh ya, I happen to be the official videographer for the night. The videos are in progress hang on… Most likely it’ll be uploaded to the CS3216 Facebook Group once it’s done.

    can scale?

    IT Architect – Lai Zit Seng : Provisioning for a Million Eyeball

    walah… this is the most technical lecture ever… totally lost. I think the jargons are the culprit. Database locking? mod_perl? CGI? DTrace @@? ACK? Nagle? NAS?

    Even TCP = Transmisison Control Protocol, in which I know the name, but I don’t think I know how it really works.

    The gist:
    1. Make fewer HTTP Requests

    2. Put Stylesheets at the Top

    3. the important “/” – prevent the browser from fetching twice!
    e.g. “” is faster than “”

    4. Load Balancer = delegation of power. Load Balance server = front line minions.

    It just mean that there are so many more things to learn. ESP turn Master in CS?