can scale?

IT Architect – Lai Zit Seng : Provisioning for a Million Eyeball

walah… this is the most technical lecture ever… totally lost. I think the jargons are the culprit. Database locking? mod_perl? CGI? DTrace @@? ACK? Nagle? NAS?

Even TCP = Transmisison Control Protocol, in which I know the name, but I don’t think I know how it really works.

The gist:
1. Make fewer HTTP Requests

2. Put Stylesheets at the Top

3. the important “/” – prevent the browser from fetching twice!
e.g. “” is faster than “”

4. Load Balancer = delegation of power. Load Balance server = front line minions.

It just mean that there are so many more things to learn. ESP turn Master in CS?

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  1. To be fair, he did mention topics I know only because I learnt them from CS2105, CS3103 (a bit), administering EW Servers, and that Sun Developer’s conference I attended once…

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