Facebook Security and Privacy

Today’s guest lecturer is Er Chiang Kai – Prof. Ben’s classmate back in MIT, Software Engineering – Senior Manager. IBM Singapore Software Laboratory.

This lecture tells us a lot about how vulnerable data can be. There are so many ways that our privacy can be compromised,  e.g. SQL Injection, Social Engineering, Cross Site Scripting, Directory Traversal (i’ve actually tried it on ~joshuatj on eusoff personal website, ha, it doesn’t work, woohoo!)

Security only as good as weakest point.

I like the analogy of the home where it has the most sophisticated security system but one window is left open. GG.

Basic Security Objectives

  1. Confidentiality
    • Protect from eavesdropping
  2. Integrity
    • Protect from modification
  3. Availability
    • Protect from denial of service

script kiddie” is an interesting concept, it’s can literally mean kids who use scripts/programs to hack.  OR according to Wikipedia, it is

“derogatory term used to describe those who use scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Script_kiddie]”

Singapore has no Privacy LAW! Woohoo… the big boss can do anything to us, woohoo!

All in all, the PPT is gonna go into joshuatj-gold-archive, it’ll be really useful in the near future.

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