CS1101S – First Lecture!

ya, I’m taking CS1101S. There’s still some kinks that need to be work out but I’m praying hard that God will open the door and let me take this module officially.

Anyway, ya, this is another of Evil Prof’s module. This is also a morning module and I’m waking up for this module, I think this is a breakthrough/milestone for me! Waking up for a lecture, oh my tian!

The first hour was the typical Prof. Ben’s Star Wars intro and “Hear what your seniors have to say” section. 5 minutes ago he has just started bullet train-ing through Scheme! It’s going to be so exciting!

He witnessed a dream come true!

Eusoff Wins Rag! 4/4  (finally)

Eusoff Rag 1011 - Estrados - (Mexico)
Eusoff Rag 1011 – Estrados – (Mexico)

Eusoff Hall clinched the Chancellor’s  Shield in Rag & Flag 05/06. That was also the year where an NUS float participates in Chingay, Singapore’s Grandest Float Parade during the Chinese New Year Celebration! But it was not Eusoff who went…

As history dictates, the following year Eusoff Hall went back empty handed in the Rag Competition.

AY06/07, a noob-looking short hair guy checked-in to Eusoff Hall. There he was, fresh out of STPM, accepted the offer to study Engineering Science in National University of Singapore, a university he hadn’t heard of until his brief visit a month ago. He chose Eusoff Hall as his choice of residency after watching an uplifting Rag Performance Video made for Rag 03/04, nicknamed “Scorpion Year”. But as he watch the video, he was puzzled, confused and deeply curious!?

He wondered why were there tears?

How is it possible for a person to be tearing and yet be delirious at the same time?

How did they do it?

Such magnificent mechanisms!

Such lively performance!

Such great energy!

He was curious!

He wants to find out why?!

He wants to be a part of “this”, whatever “this” is!

As soon as he foretasted a tinge of the adrenaline rush and the sky high emotions all around him as a Freshie RAG helper for RAG 06/07, he pretty much had his mind fixed on joining RAG the following year. He figured that the only to truly understand this “RAG thing” is to experience the whole process first hand. He thought to himself…

Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of this grandeur dream of making SOMETHING out of literally NOTHING!

Wouldn’t it be great to spend the whole three months of holiday doing nothing else but wholly focusing on ONE task?

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone make a GREAT video documenting every single bit of the precious memories throughout the process? Surely there will be a team of MEMORY CAPTORS equipped with the latest Memory-Capturing devices deployed in order to immortalize this splendor event, right?

With that in mind, he joined the RAG 07/08 team and began his journey of self-discovery!

Through RAG, he and a group of awesome friends dreamt the impossible, pushed themselves past their mental and physical limits, forged unwavering friendship bonds and most importantly he discovered that with earnest prayers and hard work, a HALF FLOAT was also able to win the BEST FLOAT Award!

Fast forward into the year 2010, he is no longer a boy, people called him Oldman 2.0.

He is astounded as to how far he has walked thus far.

He is satisfied as he had witnessed a dream come true!

He is happy that professional MEMORY CAPTORS do exist!

He is bliss that all the great memories of all the great minds are safely immortalized for posterity!

He is truly grateful to know that many generations to come will be able to experience what he’d experience in HALL, even if the HALL are to cease to exist.

He will never forget the blessings that he’d received by being a part of the Eusoff family:

A safe incubator for crazy ideas and freedom of expression.

A chance to learn from shit cleaning when it hits the fan!

A place where history are made, legends defined!

A safe house amidst the harsh world!

An opportunity to serve.

A home and a haven.

A chance to bless.

A chance to give.

Although I’m not the Rag Head, but as a MEMORY CAPTOR myself, I’m pretty sure that we wouldn’t be able to clinch all FOUR out of FOUR RAG awards if one more person decided to be selfish!

Thus, this little video is a small tribute to everyone who has helped made Eusoff Rag 10/11 a spectacular success.

Relive the moment! se-Eusoff! se-Hati se-Jiwa!

Eusoff Rag 1011 - Estrados (Static Display)
Eusoff Rag 1011 – Estrados (Static Display)
One Big Family!
One Big Family!
EusoffWorks - the Memory Captors!
EusoffWorks – the Memory Captors!