Python spotted near Eusoff

Apparently a mere 4 hours of AGM which involves brain-bombardment with hall issues is not enough for the lao jiaos. The discussion continues over supper @ Ameen till around 3:30am. Just as we thought another eventful day is gonna end, we got caught up in a capture-the-stray-Python commotion! Of course, being a faithful EusoffWorks member, I grab the SONY SR-12E from the dry box (Thank God the camera is not in the locked Dry Box) and successfully capture the whole process. I’m actually quite surprised by the clarity and quality of the captured footages. I guess the camera works best when there’s sufficient lighting.

So without further ado, enjoy “Eusoff Python”. Do leave comments. Thank you ^^.

Although some may claim that the snake “it’s not that big what~”, I have to say “It’s freaking BIG lar!”. To be honest, I have never seen a Python out in the wild before. I doubt many has. Anyway I think it’s just another instance of “neurons relativity” in action.

Lessons Learned

  1. There are actually SNAKES in Singapore! I wonder how did they manage to grow until so big before being spotted.
  2. Not to put my hands on the fence when I walk towards Ameen in the future… It’s possible that Mrs. Python might still be lurking around :p.
  3. we can call ACRES for Wildlife Rescue in Singapore +65-97837782 (Were they the ones who went out when the bear was spotted @ Ulu Pandan?)