Posting as yourself on the Facebook Page which you’re the Admin

So here’s a simple solution to post as yourself on the Facebook Page in which you’re the admin.

  1. Edit Page (top right corner)
  2. Your Settings
  3. uncheck Posting Preferences checkbox that says
    “Always comment and post on your page as [thePAGE] even when using Facebook as [yourname]”
  4. Save Changes

Facebook Pages is really an awesome piece of software and it’s free! The insights tool is really good.

It’s also quite cool to surf Facebook as [thePAGE] too. Apparently other pages that you “like” will appear as “favourites” at the left of your page. Quite cool. Just remember to switch it back to “yourself” after that, if not your friends will be puzzled as to why [thePAGE] is commenting on their statuses.

Check out the page in which I’m the admin

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