The Atom’s Atom – Final Chapter

The moment the Chan Particle Collider powered up, Dr. Thorne prepared to bring the ULHC up to a level of 550 YeV [1] per beam, the highest it had ever run. I was truly excited about this. If my calculations are correct, I would be the first person to have successfully created an artificial black hole permanently.

I would like to see the look on Dr. Thorne’s face when my initial observations hold. Up close, there can be no doubt that mass will determine how space curves; that will be evidenced through light bending before our very eyes!

By this time, the ULHC was humming with an almost malicious growl, but to me, it was simply the satisfied bellow of a machine knowing that its true moment of victory was approaching. Surrounded by the triumphant sounds, I could almost imagine stately horns and trumpets blasting the final satz [2] of Mahler’s 1st Symphony, against a backdrop of double basses furiously bowing a rhythmic pulse. As I lost myself in the beauty of the moment, my mind was a perfect balance calm and racing – serene like the breath before a plunge, and frantic like the flashes before one’s death.

Just then, something went terribly wrong… The ULHC began to crumple in on itself, and chaos ensued… I began hearing loud groans and crashes, as though the orchestra in my head had began to fall through the stage – the drums, gongs, harps and musicians imploding into one another, much like the scene happening right before me.

The melodies in my head continue distorting, like a broken track. Everyone was running in all directions, scrambling for the Light-Shuttle. But to my horror, and to Dr. Thorne’s, Ms Orv was too late. The last I saw was her beautiful face disappearing through the abyss where the ULHC used to be.

She did not look upset – and that broke my heart. Strangely, she looked distant, yet satisfied, as though my achievements impressed her. Yet, I knew that I had nearly destroyed everyone.

… It was my fault…

[1] YeV, Yotta Electron Volts, the largest unit prefix in the International System of Units (SI) denoting a factor of 1024 or 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000. (retrieved November 2010)

[2] Satz: A German term for ‘movement’ or ‘section’ in a piece of music.

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