What I hope to learn in CS3216 (again)?

It’s been more than one year since my last stint in CS3216 ended. As I was reading my previous posts about CS3216, especially the “What Have I Learned from CS3216” post. Once again I felt myself asking myself “Why am I taking this all over again?”. To be honest, it’s really hard to pin down exactly why I am doing this all over again. Perhaps it’s the adrenaline rush, the late-nights-chiong-project-with-a-group-of-like-minded-friends, the real world implication for what we do, or just because this is a necessary step to fulfill my dream….
 But as highlighted in the reflection post, there are a few things where I hope I’ll be able to learn at the beginning but I didn’t succeed. Since this is my 2nd attempt and probably the last one, I better buck up and make it happen. After all this module is about realizing our childhood dreams right?

Hello world, look here, “I want to be a competent programmer”!

What I hope to learn in CS3216 (in detailed)?

  1. Level up my programming/IT skills – reach at least competence level for PHP, HTML5 & Python
  2. Do less media related work (at least for this module during the semester)
  3. Make great and long lasting friends!
  4. Bounce my idea about Digital Archiving around.

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