CS3216 Lecture 2: Principles of Software Engineering

One year down, as I listen to Prof. Ben I found that I understand a little bit more than when I heard it the first time last year. At least now I have a better idea of what MVC is about. Let’s hope that I will be reaching the state by the end of the module where I will know how to use MVC properly.

It’s quite interesting to hear from Jonathan Low. I vaguely remember the sparks in his group, but from the sound of it, it sounded quite serious. Haha, maybe I was too engrossed with my own project, I didn’t knew that it was so serious at all. But they seem alright during Poster Session. So I guess by then they should have already settled all their differences.

I felt a slight prick as the NOC guys are presenting. In hindsight, I should have find out more about NOC back then before discounting the possibility of getting in at all. Haha, it turns out that I have quite a warped idea about NOC, that it is all about business and money. Of course that was before I took CS3216 and I couldn’t even bother to find out more about NOC. Fast forward to the present, I am a co-founder of Big Orange Pixel (haha, isn’t that a business?). Who could have known?

I’m very much caught on the idea of Social Entrepreneurship. It was through CS3216 1.0 that I got introduced to the idea of Social Entrepreneurship, through Muhammad Yunus’ book “Creating a World without Poverty”. The idea is very much an eye-opener for me and I thought that is something that I could work with. Then I found out that ultimately Social Entrepreneurship is still very much a business. And you still have to run the organisation like a business. Cashflow is still a major concern. All the problems that a business face, you still have to face it in a Social Enterprise. In fact, it’s even harder to run a SE than a normal business.

For a business noob like me, I thought the best way to contribute to a great cause is to be the support. Especially technical support. I guess that’s also one of the reason why I’m here taking CS3216 all over again — To upgrade my programming skills. But I guess I really have to work harder since my FB1 team have 3 elite programmers. Now my goal for this assignment is to NOT be a liability to the other programmers. Chiong ahhhhhhh….

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  1. Now my goal for this assignment is to NOT be a liability to the other programmers.

    I think you will do just fine. Your spirit of learning is admirable. You keep this up and cultivate the intrinsic motivation to keep learning and improving, you will get somewhere eventually, I have no doubt. 😛

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