Lecture 3: A connected world through technology (HTML5, CSS3, Kinect) by Microsoft

Microsoft was invited to speak @ CS3216 lecture today. Three of them came down, Yizhe (Developer Evangelist), Thye Yeow (Partner Developer Evangelist) and Christ Ismael (Developer Evangelist).

Thye Yeow started off with HTML5.

My take? I just have to say “HTML5 is quite awesome!”

Check out Microsoft’s notes on HTML5 Semantic Notepad.

Personally, the most thing ever happen to HTML5 is the <video> tag. Recently I just chance upon another awesome media framework called Popcorn.js. Can’t wait to try this awesome rich media stuff!!

I still remember the days when Youtube was still fresh. I was contemplating whether we should use Youtube as the main EusoffWorks Video Gallery. Halfway through JieJing came out with the GalleryMage/SPGM solution, followed by CheeEng‘s Drupal/Gallery2 hack. But as it turns out we are slowly moving back to using Youtube since it has the widest audience reach. I still remember the days where people prefer to download videos to watch but people prefer streaming nowadays. The game field has changed so much, and it’s just a 4 years span.

HTML5 <canvas> is quite awesome too! Can’t wait for the day where we don’t have to use FLASH for animation anymore!

CSS Media queries is quite imba! Now we don’t have to create three different website for mobile, tablet and desktop. In essence you can specify a different CSS for different device based on the screen widths.

Example of an imba thing you can do with HTML5 @ Fun With Particles.

W3C Geolocation works on the browser too – I don’t think you even need a GPS device installed (for desktop/laptop).

Take a glimpse at the power of HTML5 Demo @

Prof. Ben mentioned about how IE9 is able to render graphics faster – because Microsoft is able to pipeline the rendering to the graphics card. But I think Chrome & Firefox is catching up, right?

Tentative HTML5 is set to fully launch @ 2015. But Ben said it’s gonna be the future. It’s gonna be messy but browser has been messy since the beginning. But that is the way it happens for future tech. If we are to wait for stability we’ll be lagging behind.

Must check out http://www.modernizr.com/


We also caught a glimpse on the unreleased version of Windows Phone 7 (Mango). Windows 8 will have a similar UI/UX as Mango. Sadly the voice recognition feature failed during demonstration. Murphy’s Law strikes!

Mango is running IE9 (for now)!


Metro UI

There’s an Android app that tries to simulate Windows Phone 7 (Mango) Metro UI http://www.appbrain.com/app/metro-ui-pro/chrisman.android.home.metroui.stable


Check out the #CS3216 twitter hashtag for realtime updates, especially on Mondays!



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