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I arrived quite late for this CS3216 external pitching session and missed Reuben’s presentation. Sorry bro.

I arrived smack right when Gary was presenting. I couldn’t agree more to what Darren have said, he is too weak in audience engagement. Can’t he see that everyone is bored and restless halfway through his presentation?
Personally I found the candlestick idea to be very interesting. I have the same sentiment when Prof. Ben asked, “Does it really work?”.

Moving on.

Dr. Dana & First Aid Corps.
Dr. Dana’s work is really commendable. He showed us statistics of CPR in resusitating a cardiac arrest patient. Surprisingly CPR doesn’t really help the overall surviving rate. AED is supposed to be better but people seem to have problem using it correctly. Even after going through AED trainings, studies have found that people tend to forget 50% of the stuff that they’ve learned during the training. Thus, he wants to help retention by making a game of some sort. IMHO, making it viral seem to be the way to solve this.

All in all, I just have to say that we definitely need more people like him in our society. Constantly trying to solve real world problems. And this is a problem of life and death. Now I hope someone from the class pair up with him to make the AED training game. Wait, maybe we can incorporate some of the AED locations in our HTML5 app. Idea to ponder about.

Module-Review came to pitch again. I’m fortunate enough to have most of my modules assigned to me when I was still in NUS. One thing i notice about module choosing, most of the time it,s about choosing modulr that doesn’t clash with your core modules. So many times I’ve singled out the modules that I want to take only to realize that it clashes with my core. Pain. So if module-review does integrate module planning and do a better job than CORS, I’ll use.

He mention that future iteratikn might include degree planning. Yes that is totally relevant. As of before my graduation, some of the university requirements and total MC to graduate stuff really caused me some pain along the way. But a simple excel spreadsheet and some calculations did the trick.

It’ll be nice if it integrates with CORS and IVLE.

The only problem with this module-review platform is that it’s usage is periodical in nature. Very hard to retain users. Quite hard to monetize also. The site hits will be almost barren during say the 3 months holiday. It’s a hard problem. Maybe he should work with COMCEN on this.

Ok I’m quite confused. What does this Cliquefund venture is trying to do? I know it’s something to do with investment and I remember feeling that “Hey this guy is out there to change the corrupted economy system, cool”. But otherwise I have no idea what it’s about. Anything would care to enlighten me?

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