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Final Post for CS3216 v2.0

And so here I am, the second time now. Haha.

So as per tradition, we are supposed to write a blog post about what have we learned from the class.

This is what I wrote the last time around, back in 2010 “What have I learned from Cs3216” and this is what I wrote when I set out on this crazy journey 12 weeks ago “What I hope to learn in CS3216 again

I wanted to be a competent programmer. Did I become one? Er… maybe… maybe not.

Assignment 2 (Mobile Cloud) was quite a good training ground. I did quite a bit of javascript, JQuery mostly. But still I could not catch up with the real elite programmers. So when we decide to go full blast on developing an iOS Native App for the Singapore Heritage: Mobile, I know my days as programmer are numbered. It does not help as my Day Job (8:30am – 6pm) started around the same time. I tell you, you will be surprised how little time you have left for other projects once you start working. And my job is already quite flexible.

Anyway, there is no point ranting on and on about what I did not achieve. It is not that I have no choice. I made the decision and so be it.

But not all things are dark and bleak, the Singapore Heritage: Mobile project was a blast. I think I never had so much fun and sense of accomplishment in any school project before. Everyone in the team is so intrinsically motivated. I have never seen anything like these before. I guess this is what it means to have SYNERGY. When all our beings flow in the same direction. I really have no other explanation other than it’s God’s divine will that brought all of us together. I know I have said it before, but Alan, Zhenling, Kenneth, David, you guys (and girl) are simple 2AWESOME! I hope that you will continue to work with Sharon and me on this exciting project. Kenneth is right when he summed our experience up with the punchline “It was Gr8! And now, it’s simply 2Awesome“. (note: “Gr8” was “Group 8” for our Singapore River Assignment 2 group and “2Awesome” is “Group 2” for our final project group.)

1-2 weeks into the final project, I knew I could not commit the time required to be a “useful” programmer. So I fall back on what I do best, to be the morale-booster, technical and logistical support. Day by day my constant worry is that whether I have contributed enough to the group. I hope I did. For all the technical incompetencies, I supplement it with my enthusiasm and creativity. Alan described me as “wacky”. I think it’s quite apt.

I also got to fulfill my chinese martial art time travel dream. HOHOHO.

joshuatj kungfu fist
joshuatj kungfu fist. Thanks ZhenLing for the braid!


Of course, no project is complete without a nice video to sum it up. For some reason, video production seems to always find its way back into my hands. Here take a look at it, it’s only 30secs. Leave some comments.

One thing that I learned from making this video. Not really learned, more of reinforced. It’s that video editing, the piecing up the clips part, it’s the easiest of the whole process. The hardest part is coming up with the idea, putting it down on paper, refining it till it flows of honey. That, is the hardest part in making a video.

Looks like it is going to be a long while more before I will be a competent programmer. I will not give up though. At the very least I am now holding the title of “IT Officer”, I will have ample opportunity to practice my programming skills. World, you just wait, I’m coming to make a dent in you. Media + Programming, you just see what I can do, you just see….



(One last assignment we had to do is to read all 42 other people’s blog and do a “Mutual Blog Grading Survey”. Prof. Ben likes to outsource his work. So here we are, reading all of our course mates’ blog posts. Fortunately for me, ever since I have gotten my Galaxy S II, I have been keeping up with the blog posts. Not all of them, but I think I did read most of them. One thing I dislike reading blog post on the go is that there’s no one easy way to comment on the blog post that I have read. )

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6 thoughts on “Final Post for CS3216 v2.0”

  1. Wow, your kungfu photo is awesome, just not so matching with the background! ha!

    Anyway…GOOD…we shall see your power in Media + Programming!!!!!

  2. so what is the video/project about? capturing different landmarks and tracing back the history timeline? to make it an app, you’ll have to have enough resources, historical photos for most if not All of the famous landmarks. are ya’ll really working on it or it’s just a creative idea of what investors can do?btw, since i don’t have much knowledge on how advanced the media arena has ventured so far, so i’m just wondering, is media+programming a fairly new area which is worth venturing into? and for example, what can come out of it?(your yellow-shirt-lying-down-on-tummy photo is your group poster is epic!)

    1. @CharlotteJiaLerdNg The project is called “Singapore Heritage: Mobile”. Imagine a personal assistant that feeds you the information you’ll want to know while you are traveling around. It can be anywhere, not only Singapore. Yes, resources is important, that is why we are working with the National Archives, National Heritage Board and National Library Board. The prototype is already out, it’s for iOS devices. If you want to try it out, you can go to You will need an iOS device e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, preferably one with a camera to try the Augmented Reality.Media + programming? Yes it is fairly new. Both of them individually are not new, but just like many other things in the world now, it’s getting more and more multi-disciplinary. Some of the examples are like where aesthetics meet science.

  3. Can really see and feel your passion in this area, pakmai have confident in you and knows too well our Heavenly Father is and will guide/lead you all the way through!So media + programming is what you are venturing into and equipping for your brighter FUTURE, right? Waiting for you to contribute to our Diocese of West Malaysia………. ALL THE BEST!

    1. @bisfelan Yes I guess I won’t really know what I can directly contribute until the day I am actually back home, with all my debts cleared over here.

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