Hello World! (for real) #01

Hello world!

I’m reviving the original purpose of this blog – to document my learning journey. It has seen two CS3216 journeys and after a five years lull, it’s back to document my journey during FIAF Film Restoration Summer School 2016 at Bologna, Italy (23 June to 15 July). This opportunity is also part of my work at the Asian Film Archive (AFA) . If you’re wondering what AFA is all about, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This will also be the first time I’m mobile blogging. Please bear with me. It’ll be a test of how robust the WordPress Android app is.

See you in Bologna.


Bluetooth keeps turning on, won’t stay turned off after update to Marshmallow [OnePlus 2]

Finally, Android Marshmallow update for OnePlus 2. Immediately my phone is buttery smooth again.


Everything was fine but Bluetooth just keeps turning on, won’t stay off. Tried several other potential fixes like clearing Bluetooth Share cache and Network Settings. But problem still persist.



Thanks to a post on StackExchange, turns out it’s due to an errant app “Firechat”. Uninstalling it seems to fix the Bluetooth issue.

If you’re facing the same problem, try this first.