12 Things I Wish I Knew before a Day Trip to Torino from Bologna 

After hearing so much about the Cinema Museum in Torino (Turin), and missing the FIAF complimentary trip because of the Summer School classes, we’ve decided to take the plunge and make a day trip to Turin. It was a 3.5 hrs to and 3.5 hrs fro trip, total 7 hours on trenitalia. We were told that we were half-way to Switzerland at some point.

Here are some things (Life skills? Life experiences?)  that I wished I knew before the trip, not all are new revelations, some are reminders and refresher. Just gotta jot it down while it’s still fresh on my mind. 

  1. When you travel in a group, try to get seats that are in the same carriage. Six seats per carriage. 
  2. Go early and chope seats if you were not assigned seats in the same carriage. Although technically you are assigned seats when you buy them. It would seem people just do not honor them. Going early is still the best way. 
  3. There are power outlets near the window seats. Bring your power adapter and charge your phone.  It is the Italian 3 horizontal holes type of outlet, but the European two-pin plug should work just fine. 
  4. 5 hours in the Cinema Museum is not enough if you want to listen and go through every single track in the Multimedia audio guide. 
  5. Espresso double shot is called Doppio.
  6. The time spent on sit down meals are proportional to the number of people in the group. I would suggest grab-n-go if time is of an essence. It depends on the goal of the trip. For me it’s really just about the Cinema Museum. 
  7. Get everyone’s contact number as soon as the trip is confirmed. Roaming and data plan is crucial. We wouldn’t want to leave people behind and with no means of communication. 
  8. Italian air-con doesn’t really work during the summer. I was still sweating a lot while indoors. On the flip side it’s good for the environment. 
  9. Bring clothes to change. I stinked after continuous sweating for 12 hrs. It should have been obvious since it’s around 30°C to 35°C for the past few days. And surely I have to walk outdoors from building to building. Wasn’t my smartest moment for sure.  
  10. Bagpack straps can stink if it’s continuously soaked in sweat. Not sure how to fix this problem. In terms of weight distribution, surely bag pack is a better tool than a messenger bag or tote bags. Maybe a small bottle of febreeze?
  11. Smartphone cameras are really quite adequate. I brought a mirrorless with me, but it was too much hassle to bring it out. The thought of having to import them and edit them was the biggest hindrance. 

Here’s a photo of Via Roma. I think this is the road in All roads lead to Rome. 

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