Your connection is not private FIX—Force Chrome to fetch new SSL cert

Quick fix:

  1. Change your local computer’s date and time to a long time in the past.
  2. Load the site. Receives “Your clock is behind” error. 

    your clock is behind
    Force error of “Your clock is behind”. Fix for Chrome’s SSL cache.
  3. Change your local computer’s date and time back to now.
  4. Refresh the site. Voila!


  1. Website SSL certificate expired. 
  2. Alice, a normal user, loads the site, prompted with “Your connection is not private” error.
    your connection is not private
  3. Alice could proceed to the site by clicking “Advanced” and “Proceed to …. (unsafe)”. But the address bar will show the site as “Not secure” with https.
  4. Bob, the server admin, proceeds to renew SSL certificate.
  5. Alice refreshes the site but the error persist.
  6. Alice tries shift+F5, clear cache, clear SSL slate, flush DNS, clear browser history, clear cookies, clear everything, it still shows that the same error.
  7. Alice tries date change quick fix. Reload the page. Voila! problem solved.