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Your email address is not linked to a Yahoo ID.

↑ If you encounter this error when you try to join any Yahoo! Groups using the web interface, it means your Yahoo account is somehow not associated with any Yahoo ID (  It doesn’t matter if it’s the same email address you’ve used for Yahoo Groups for 15 years. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been receiving emails from the Yahoo! Groups email list without any problems, your account is somehow not recognised by the Yahoo Groups web interface. In fact, the groups that you’ve joined doesn’t even show up under “Groups”.  I believe there’s a broken link between legacy accounts and some of the newer Yahoo systems. 


Yahoo! Groups membership wizard. This wizard will help you claim accounts that somehow slipped through the crack. If you have any unclaimed memberships, you need to match the old email with the new email. Even if the old email is exactly the same as the new email, you still need to match. 

Once done, you will have access to the Yahoo! Groups web interface again. It should not affect any of your existing email list functionalities

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  1. email address is not linked to a Yahoo ID 

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9 thoughts on “Your email address is not linked to a Yahoo ID — Yahoo! Groups”

  1. I just created a new yahoo email – presumably a yahoo id? And still am receiving this message when attempting to join a yahoo group
    Your email address is not linked to a Yahoo ID. To join this group, you need to link your email address to a Yahoo account.

    1. Getting exactly the same thing. I went onto my Yahoo email and under my profile image on the top right, it said something like add id, or manage id…I clicked on that and all it did was log me in, I was already logged in and I still cannot join any groups and the message still shows up. I have never had a Yahoo account before, so I can’t really link it to an old anything.

    2. Hello, Jennifer! I also had this problem and was confused. But turns out, in this case, you just need to add another email address to your Yahoo account/ID.

      When logged in into your Yahoo account, in a web browser, go to Account Security —> Add recovery email address. (When you enter an existing email address in that field Yahoo will send a verification code there and once you enter it and verify the email you will be able to join Yahoo Groups)
      (i.e. you need to connect another email address to your Yahoo account, apart from the one you registered with)

      Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you. You make ten thousand times more sense than that erroneous error message. Like everyone else here, I had already “verified” the Yahoo email address with a text message, and yet the error kept saying “my email is not linked with a Yahoo ID” — and I’m moaning, “My email *IS* a Yahoo ID you backward 1200 bps dialup albatross!” Thanks again.

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