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Joshua (joshuatj) is a recent Engineering Science graduate. He is a self-declared loyalist, after 5 years of faithfully being actively involved in EusoffWorks, he is still found helping out on the ground. He always attribute EusoffWorks as the main reason in his obtaining a fully sponsored Internship with NUS Hollywood Lab in University of California, Los Angeles. Joshua loves rhythmic music and has been a drummer for 13 years, he plays for Eusoff Hall Band and Bible Church Singapore. Above all, Joshua loves archives and history. He is most passionate capturing memories by utilising videography and photography and has managed to consolidate a substantial archive library of resources for Eusoff Hall going back to 2001. The Eusoff Archives and the Heritage Corner are still under his care. His favourite past time is Science-fiction and he is most excited in themes such as time-travel, parallel universes and alternate reality. He also prides himself with his intensive mental-acrobatics. In response to overpriced graduation photoshoot packages, together with Witono & YongXin, they started a Photography Studio called EusoffWorks Studio.

proudly taken in EusoffWorks Studio

“Archives are not about old dusty long-forgotten things; they are stories that recount the past, frame our present, and possess our futures.” -http://archivesopen.blogspot.com/

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