Eu’ma’soff Best Float!

Eusoff & Temasek’s float “…was named the best this year”!

Nope, I didn’t say that – Straitstimes did.Well, the article is not exactly a positive review of RAG. But my take on this is unless you can come out with a better idea, it’s just useless rhetoric. A worthy replacement event will have to provide the same awesome bonding experience to students each year AND inspire students to FLAG for a total amount of $480+. Beat that!

Thank you peeps for scanning the article!

Of course, how can RAG go without an awesome video from EusoffWorks (HD!)

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Photo360 – Asian Civilisation Museum (Bubble Tea)

Photo360 – Toa Payoh Sports Hall (Bubble Tea).

So Ban, YiWen and I am taking part in this competition Our team is called “Bubble Tea” because we love bubble tea!

It is a competition in conjunction with the upcoming Youth Olympic Games. There’s a most popular award through votes. Help us by first clicking this links
PhotoSynth Toa Payoh Sports Hall
PhotoSynth Asian Civilisation Museum
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By the way, PhotoSynth is free to use. You all should try, it’s quite cool.

Eusoff Hall Corporate Video 0809

as shown during Show & Tell! I didn’t did much self-intro during the session. But basically I pretty much a media guy, having spent most of my life in EusoffWorks. I spent my last summer interning in NUS Hollywood Lab, Los Angeles. By the way, if any of you are interested, you should apply, registration is opened all year round Fully sponsored air-fare and allowance – awesome opportunity not to missed! (BTW, this Hollywood internship banner is all over campus, you should’ve at least saw it once)

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