Singapore River Recce


Today I’m a tourist. To put Ben’s advice into action, team Singapore Heritage Mobile took a stroll down Singapore River, following our very trail that we’ve developed for the mobile assignment.

Aside from the hot and humid weather, it was very fun! It’s also very comforting to see that the geolocation feature really work as advertised. However, I think the feature can really be improved further. Right now it only tells you that a particular landmark is x metres away or ‘you are here’. Not really useful as it doesn’t say which direction. Most important of all we cannot assume that everyone knows how to read a map. Especially when our current map doesn’t really have key landmarks to help pinpoint where you are. I guess if we use Maps API this problem should be solved as it should work like how Google Maps or GPS works. Constantly polling the location from GPS, WiFi access points and cell towers.

Alan also suggested that we should take the leap of faith and develop a native iOS app instead. Honestly I’m all for that idea. But that also mean 110% commitment from everyone in the team. That would also mean me dropping a few other external commitments, which I think it’s definitely worth it. Heck, I think this is the best opportunity to hone my programming skills than ever, which happened to be one of the key reasons why I decide to take this module again. I’m all in team, 110%! Let’s do it!

Back to the app…

I have to agree with David. Having gone through the trail myself, I think the main purpose of our app, other than feeding the users with historical juicy stories, is to keep our users entertained while travelling landmark to the other. Audio narration seem to be our best bet right now. But we are also open to suggestions, anyone?

Work aside, this trip is really awesome because I think we know a bit more about each other i.e. David and his Utown adventure, Alan and his NOC experience, Zhenling and her hair braiding skills ;D, Kenneth and his gaming insights and last but not least Sharon and her awesome husband Derrick! Derrick accompany us all the way patiently even though he is not exactly part of the project! Model husband siol! Lucky Sharon.

Oh ya, thanks to my awesome team mates, I got a time travel encounter with some kuli from yesteryears. Photos are on the way. Oh ya, I heard I got to cameo in some random tourist’s photo as well.

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