Vsee talk

Today Prof. Ben invited Milton from Vsee to speak. He started by introducing the Vsee technology. I really think it’s uber cool. Interestingly why wouldn’t I have heard of this before this…. For such a cool technology, perhaps they could use a bit more coverage on popular media?


I’m really grateful that Milton is sharing what he’d learned in starting Vsee and his life. I think this is one of the added points of CS3216. You get to take a peek into other people’s brain, priceless.

He said quite a lot, but I am just going to blog about these few points that caught my attention.

On people to people relationship, he mentioned the “Sandwich” method. In essence, when you have to provide negative feedback, you start with a positive compliment to the person, then you move on to provide the negative feedback, but remember to target the action not the person. Lastly, you add some icing by providing another round of positive feedback. This reminds me of a Saturday night session with HuanJin and CheeEng. One of them mentioned about this before, and I have always tried to use it whenever I remember. I have to agree with Milton, this method really does work. Even if the other party knew that you are using the sandwich method, it still work. The challenge is to have this mechanism kicks in when you’re angry, overwhelm with furiousity. I just have to say, it’s not easy, not easy at all.

Milton likes to read biographies. I like it too. But it’s interesting that he would recommend the biographies of Hitler and such to gain a different perspective of how people look at people. Maybe I should do that. But ever since I got my galaxyS2 and data plan I found myself reading more online articles than books. In fact, the books in my room are already gathering dust. But it’s really a struggle, there are so many things to do, so little time. Milton mentioned that one way to really know what’s important to you is to always seek out new experience. It’s only after you try you’ll know whether you like a certain thing or not. IMO, that sounds like a good strategy except there are quite a few things out there that it’s better not to try as it might have lasting effects. Again it sounds like “balance” is always the key.

He quoted that someone mentioned that man are lousy decision makers until they are 51 years old. Apparently we are not mature enough and we don’t have enough experience yet to make really good decisions. Now I’m curious, how about women? Does the 51-rule applies to them as well?

My respect for Milton have just increase again after hearing that he persisted for 5 years, 2003-2008 before he got his first round of investment. He must really believe in his solution, it’s passion meets reality.

“Comfort is the worst prison.” IMO, life is made out of many different compartments, I think some compartments are meant to be comfortable and some must not be too comfortable lest it hinders growth.